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Blue Bean has everything you need to get started. Within minutes of signing up you will be able to see the performance of your business immediately

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Business Owners

Understanding the performance of your business at any time is a fundamental part of being a business owner. Getting quick access to realiable financial data can be difficult, but more challenging is making sense of these financial reports.


Blue Bean gives you the visibility of your clients numbers in real time. Understand each client instantly with KPI driven dashboards. Hit the ground running with new clients


Blue Bean is ideal for the accountant that is keen to deliver something more than the traditional service. Blue Bean is a great platform to communicate with each of your clients and provide a common language that they understand.

About Us

We love numbers, to the point where we think we need to get help. Not everyone gets numbers the way we do and reading financial reports can be a challenge for business owners.

Our goal is to show you your numbers in a way that just makes sense…to you, the business owner.

That’s why we crafted BLUE BEAN.

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What Our Clients Say

As a small business owner running multiple platforms I’ve been searching for a decent dashboard to show me my numbers at a glance for years.  Blue Bean not only gives me my short term insights, it also gives me the underlying fundamentals of my business which can serve as an early warning signal if anything is trending the wrong way. My Accountant and bookkeeper also find it very useful to see and then to be able to dig deeper should something not make sense

Erica Bagshaw

Managing Director - Inner Profit Pty Ltd

Connecting to Blue Bean was pretty easy.  The dashboard is great if you are a visual type and prefer graphs over spreadsheets, which most end-users would do, however the Executive Summary is just a click away with real-time data in an easy to read format. I particularly liked the Cashflow section, with detailed Debtors analysis, as being a small business owner managing cash flow is always our biggest challenge. I highly recommend Blue Bean

Anita Hennessy

Director - Small Business Support Australia Pty Ltd

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