About Us

Financial reporting
that just makes sense.

We love numbers, to the point where we think we need to get help. Not everyone gets numbers the way we do and reading financial reports can be a challenge for business owners.

Our goal is to show you your numbers in a way that just makes sense…to you, the business owner.

That’s why we crafted Blue Bean.

See the performance of your business anytime, anywhere.

Imagine being able to instantly see the performance of your business 24/7. Not just your profit and loss or balance sheet but a complete view of how your business is performing. In a way that makes sense to a business owner.

How to Connect Blue Bean to Xero

With the click of a button, your Xero account will be connected and your Blue Bean dashboard will be live.

Login to Blue Bean and click “connect”. Follow the step-by-step process to connect to Xero within a minute.

Blue Bean effortlessly connects to your Xero account and retrieves data from your profit and loss, balance sheet and invoices. This data is synchronised daily with a one-way retrieval from Xero to Blue Bean.

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