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Keeping everything in check is key to a healthy business

The modern day business has so many moving parts, which is why it’s hard to […]


Managing your debtors is vital when it comes to increasing cash flow. Perhaps you are finding […]

Debt Ratio

While a low debt ratio is good in the sense that the company’s assets are […]

Quick Ratio

Quick ratio – sometimes called the quick assets ratio or the acid-test-serves as an indicator […]

Return on Assets

Return on assets is a financial ratio that shows the percentage of profit a company […]

Current Ratio

It is probably the best known and most often used of the liquidity ratios. Analysts […]


Profitability is a fundamental KPI of any business. Profit equals a company’s revenues minus expenses. […]

Debtors Days Outstanding

Debtors Days Outstanding is vital due to the high importance of cash in running a […]

Working Capital

Positive working capital or Core Capital generally indicates that a company is able to pay […]

Return on Capital

Return on capital (ROC), also known as return on invested capital or return on total […]

The numbers never lie but they can be misleading


DIY Dashboarding Disaster

Paragon industries called us about a problem they had with their dashboard.  They desperately needed […]

9 Simple reasons why you need a business dashboard

If you don’t have a set of live, interactive hosted business dashboards, here are 9 […]

5 Reasons why you can’t live another day without business dashboards

Data analytics: the analysis of raw data to extract useful insights which can lead to better […]

Why data analytics will never replace business reporting

Data analytics is a common term these days, yet most organisations still rely most heavily […]

How to cut your month-end reporting time in half (it is possible!)

How to cut your month end reporting time in half! The following month always comes […]

The 9 business kpis everyone should have on their dashboard

Business KPIs Dashboards have to show business performance.  But keeping track of business performance requires […]

Is it best to measure metrics or KPIs

Any decent business dashboard has a good balance of metrics and KPIs. Metrics are valuable […]

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